The Japanese Society of Hematology

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The 80th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Hematology
The 9th JSH International Symposium 2018 in Kyoto

International Meetings

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2018 Calendar

2018 BMT Tandem Meetings

February 21-25, 2018
Salt Lake City, UT USA

2018 Highlights of ASH in Asia

March 9-10, 2018
Bali, Indonesia

44th Annual Meeting of EBMT

March 18-21, 2018
Lisbon, Portugal

ICKSH 2018

March 29-31, 2018
Seoul, Korea

ISLH 2018 (XXXIst)

May 10-12, 2018
Brussels, Belgium

2018 ASCO Annual Meeting

June 1-5, 2018
Chicago, IL, USA

16th International Cord Blood Symposium

June 14-16, 2018
San Diego, CA, USA

23rd Congress of EHA

June 14-17, 2018
Stockholm, Sweden

15th International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma (15-ICML)

June 18-22, 2018
Lugano, Switzerland

14th International Conference on Leukemia and Hematologic Oncology

June 20-21, 2018
Paris, France

ISSCR 2018 (16th Annual Meeting (International Society for Stem Cell Research))

June 20-23, 2018
Melbourne, Australia

ISTH 2018 (64th Annual SSC Meeting)

July 18-21, 2018
Dublin, Ireland

22nd International AIDS Conference

July 22-27, 2018
Amsterdam, Netherlands

ISEH 2018 (47th)

August 23-26, 2018
Los Angeles, CA, USA

ISH2018 (XXXVII World Congress of the International Society of Hematology)

September 13-16, 2018
Vancouver, Canada

20th Annual John Goldman Conference on Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: Biology and Therapy

September 13-16, 2018
Miami, FL, USA

34th World Congress of Internal Medicine

October 18-21, 2018
Cape Town, South Africa

ISHL11 (The 11th International Symposium on Hodgkin Lymphoma)

October 27-29, 2018
Cologne, Germany

23rd Annual Congress of Asia Pacific Blood and Marrow Transplantation Group 2018 (APBMT 2018)

November 2-4, 2018
Taipei, Taiwan

The 50th Annual Congress of the International Society of Paediatric Oncology

November 16-19, 2018
Kyoto, Japan

59th ASH Annual Meeting

December 1-4, 2018
San Diego, CA, USA

2019 Calendar

17th International Congress of Immunology

April 25-30, 2019
Beijing, China

15th International Symposium on Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS 2019)

May 8-11, 2019
Copenhagen, Denmark

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