The Japanese Society of Hematology

Japanese Society of Hematology
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The 85th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Hematology
The 13th JSH International Symposium 2023 in Tsukuba

About JSH

Update: May 10, 2021

The Japanese Society of Hematology was founded in 1937. The Society takes pride in being the second oldest hematological society in the world, next to the French Society of Hematology. The Society was approved as an incorporated association in 1990 by the Ministry of Education of Japan, with an official English language journal; International Journal of Hematology.


Founded in 1937
Approved by the Ministry of Education in June 1st of 1990 as an incorporated association


Itaru Matsumura (Professor, Kindai University)

Congress President, 2021

Hideo Harigae (Professor, Tohoku University)

Number of members



Kyoto City Subway, Karasuma Line, Tozai Line,
"Karasuma Oike Station"
Approx. 3 minute walk from 2nd exit



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