The 14th JSH International Symposium 2024 in Hakodate

Call for Abstracts

Abstract submission for the 14th JSH International Symposium is now open.
The JSH International symposium is an annual meeting for hematologists to exchange advanced knowledge and information about specified themes, and the main theme of the 2024 symposium is "Hematology in Children and Adults".

The organizing committee welcomes the submission of abstracts.
When the submission is accepted for presentation, presenters will be asked to create a poster.
Some presenters whose abstracts are evaluated with a high impact will also be asked to prepare for an oral presentation.
Among them, presenters who are 45 years or younger, or those who have obtained their PhD degree up to 18 years ago, will be considered for the 14th JSH International Symposium Awards.

The present academic meeting of The JSH International Symposium will be held completely in-person. (There will be no online distribution for presentations). The venue in the Hakodate Kokusai Hotel will secure sufficient social distance. More information will be shared here in the near feature.

We are especially looking forward to the submissions by young researchers.

We are looking forward to having your active participation at the 14th JSH International Symposium.

The Category List

  • Genetic predisposition
  • Hematopoiesis/Regenerative cell therapies
  • Myeloid neoplasms (basic and clinical)
  • Lymphoid neoplasms (basic and clinical)
  • Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  • Pediatric hematological disorders
  • Other hematological disorders
  • CAR-T & Immunotherapies/gene therapies
  • Clonal hematopoiesis


Conflicts of Interest (COI)

If you have a COI to declare, please complete the procedure from the following URL.

When declaring COI, please insert your abstract number as below.
Ex) Abstract No: T000077 → 00077 (5 numbers)

Members of the Japanese Society of Hematology
Non-members of the Japanese Society of Hematology (Japanese)
Non-members of the Japanese Society of Hematology (Overseas)

Submission guidelines

Abstract should be submitted through our online system and should be made according to 'Abstract Template'.

Abstract Template

Submission Deadline: 19th April, 2024 12:00(JST) ⇒ Extended to 10th May, 2024 12:00(JST)

Noon (JST) 16th January 2024Abstract Submission Starts
Extended to 10th May, 2024 12:00(JST)
19th April, 2024 12:00(JST)
Abstract Submission Deadline
April~May 2024All submitted abstracts will be reviewed
Late-May 2024Selection result will be announced.
Instructions for poster presentation will be announced to those who are selected
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