The 85th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Hematology


General Information for Participants

Presentation data

General Information for Participants

At JSH2023, presenters are required to submit presentation data on the digital format using PowerPoint.

Digital-Poster Presentation

  1. Presenters are required to participate in the meeting on-site for the poster presentation. Remote presentations are not accepted.
  2. At the venue, PowerPoint data submitted will be displayed on the screen monitor as below.
  3. Please be sure to submit the data before the meeting by the deadline indicated at the bottom of this page. Late submission at the venue will not be accepted. Please also note that the data cannot be edited after the submission period. Bringing the data on the day of your presentation is not necessary.
  4. Poster Presentations will be viewable through your own PC, tablet or mobile phone. The poster viewing corner will also be set at the venue during the meeting.

Data Specifications

  • PowerPoint slide format
  • Recommended version:PowerPoint ver.2019-2016
  • The slide size with aspect ratio of 4:3
  • The number of slides:10 (except the slide on COI declaration)
  • The title slide may not be necessarily prepared as Session No., Session title, and the name of presenters will be displayed on the top of screen.
  • Screen switching effects is not suitable for the display.
  • Movie can be used on PowerPoint. The maximum file size: 200MB in total.
  • Please refer to 'Conflict of Interest Policy' at the Japanese Society of Hematology website for detailed information on COI. The template on COI slide can be downloaded from the URL below.

Submission Period

11th September~3rd October at17:00

※Please note that PowerPoint data can be edited only during the above submission period. After the final submission, further revision or any data-replacement will not be accepted.

※The URL for data submission will be sent with required ID and Password attached in due course.

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